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Mentioned in Forbes

27th of May, 2014

I was mentioned in Forbes Magazine today, in a piece about musicians using creative ways to market themselves like startups, which was unexpected and quite intriguing. Thanks to the author Kavi Guppta for mentioning my article “A month of Bandcamp pay-what-you-want“.

My second single is finally released!

23rd of April, 2013

My second single, entitled “Broken”, featuring Jane Dawn on vocals, is finally out. It’s a three-track single with remixes by Irvin and lug00ber which I really dig. Please give it a listen, and share it with others if you like it – you can find links to buy or listen to it here: BandCamp: […]

The difficult second track

9th of April, 2013

Okay, so I’m wrapping up the second release (out on April the 24th) and I’m sort of wondering how people will like it. “Catzilla” was on the darker and more aggressive side of things, and this new track has more melodic content. I like it, and I hope everyone else will too, but I’m semi-worried […]

Kit-list (and why it doesn’t really matter)

2nd of April, 2013

Once in a while I’m asked what gear I use. Though these days it’s usually more along the lines of “You use Massive, right?” – now I don’t blame people for asking that, given that if you ask any aspiring EDM-musician, Massive is probably the soft-synth they can all name instantly. To answer that question: […]

Blog moved

15th of March, 2013

Hi all – since Posterous decided to call it quits, I had to move my blog elsewhere. It was somewhat cumbersome to first export from Posterous, then import to, then export from and into a self-hosted WordPress install, but hey – it works. :) The page isn’t 100% up to snuff yet, but […]

A month of Bandcamp pay-what-you-want

18th of January, 2013

As promised, I’ve collected some stats from the first month of traffic on the Catzilla EP on Bandcamp. It’s been very interesting to track where people are coming from, and not least: how many plays I’ve been getting and how many people decided to…

State of the demoscene: 2012

8th of January, 2013

This is an update piece for a quite extensive post I wrote more or less exactly one year ago called State of the demoscene: 1991 – 2011 which you should probably check out for the background on this post. To put it in short and simple terms: I loo…