Catzilla – part 1

For the last months I have been silently (though, not quite that silently, if you ask my wife) working on the music and sound effects for a project called Catzilla. It’s a PC benchmark suite (like 3D Mark, Aquamark etc — a piece of software that tests your computers graphical and computational power and allow you to compare that to the tests done by others).

Catzilla features a very, very nice non-interactive sequence that’s rendered in real-time, and this part is set to music and sound effects, which was my responsibility on the project. I can honestly say that I’m blown away by how it all has come together, and while the final thing isn’t released yet (the beta is going out to early signups so add your e-mail to the list if you want early access!) the teaser trailer is out — check it out:



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