EP cover art reveal, and some thoughts

Update: Listen to clips from the EP NOW!

I’ve been so lucky to have cover art for my new EP “Voidform” from the exceptionally talented beeple, check it out:


Doesn’t that just look utterly amazing?! Every time I look at it I get chills. Thanks Mike, I owe you one — bigtime.

I’m currently spending the last few days tinkering with the last few bits and bobs on the tracks for the EP (in fact, they go to mastering in two days so at that point I need to be done for sure — hard deadlines: they work).

As the tracks have evolved, they have certainly changed quite a bit, especially the ones featuring vocals by Limbic Void and Hunz. I must say it’s been a delight to work with actual songwriters on these tracks. It’s amazing how much creative energy can be sparked by just listening to someone’s take on what you’ve made, and if it’s one thing I’m sure of after the process on this album it’s that I’m going to do more collaborations in the future. It’s been insanely fun and rewarding.

With regards to the style of the tracks I’m genuinely clueless about what people’s reactions are going to be. For the people who follow what I do, especially the ones that started listening to my stuff after “Catzilla” came out, I’ll say this: there’s no dubstep on this album. There’s bass — for sure — and drums, and distorted things, and high energy stuff as well. Don’t worry about that.

But, there’s also vocals, and actual songwriting, and melodies (poppy ones, even), and I’ve used the same process that I did with my previous EP “Hit The Grave Running”, which is stupidly simple: Do I like it?

I dunno, it’s a little unnerving to release music, especially to people with preconceived notions or set expectations. I hope you will all like what I’m putting out, but we’ll know on December 7th I guess. ;)

PS: if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll start posting previews and sneak peaks of the tracks on the album next week.

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