From one groove-based producer to another

Once in a while, you stumble upon a website, a video, a text or a story that you experience and just go “Yeah, exactly! Why can’t I explain it that well to people?!”. This is exactly the feeling I’m left with after watching this series of videos by breakbeat producer Ctrl-Z. I’m usually not a fan of YouTube-tutorials, because they tend to be very badly done.

This one is an exception. In fact: it is bloody brilliant.

I’m not a musical genius, I’m more of a groove-base producer..

It was that quote who made me go into Vulcan mind-meld-mode with Tommy Dash. In short, there is absolutely nothing in this video-series I don’t agree with, and even better: he explains all of the concepts and techniques so goddamn smoothly and easily – anyone can understand them.

If you’re into electronic music (not just breakbeat) you owe yourself to watch the series because it is filled to the rim with great tips and tricks. If, at the end of it, you didn’t learn anything, you’re already BT and can relax knowing you’re already brilliant enough as it is.

Needless to say, most of us aren’t BT, and therefore stand to benefit from watching these videos. I put them into a playlist for you, so go ahead – watch them now!

If you can’t be bothered to spend 50 minutes learning techniques and tricks that’ll make you a better producer then you’re being stupid. That said, if you are going to watch them later but just want the quick-caption-review of the most important bits, here they are:

  • You’ll learn how to treat your low-end to make your tracks sound good in clubs (essential!)
  • Learn how to fix phasing issues – it might sound boring, but you need to know this
  • Put your drums in submixes – yes, do it – it will help you!
  • Compose rocking basslines and treat them the right way
  • Dealing with vocals in a mix that’s mid-high-heavy already
  • Really quick ways to avoid spending your days drawing automation data
  • How not to piss off your mastering engineer (essential!)
  • When not to use distortion (what?! yes, there are times when you shouldn’t)
  • A multitude of “I should have thought of that” tips to keep your tracks non-boring
  • Many, many tips for NI Massive – if you use that synth, you need to see these just for those tips

So that was my “two-months late” fourth blogpost.. and it’s not even my content. How lazy! But: don’t waste time on semantics – watch those videos instead. Thanks to Never Say Die Records for making them available on the web, and support your tutor by buying some Ctrl-Z music on iTunes.

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