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State of the demoscene: 1991 – 2014

14th of June, 2015

I know. It’s been a while. I’m sorry. But – I’ve now compiled numbers from 2013 and 2014 and added them to the stats. “But, Y U NO 2015?!” I hear you ask — because 2015 isn’t done yet, and since I’ve only dealt with full year data sets earlier, I see no reason to change that now. […]

An interview

23rd of February, 2012

I was interviewed this week in the Norwegian edition of Computerworld Magazine about my involvement in the demoscene, and the Norwegian demoscene history exhibit “Pixlar” currently on display in Oslo. The interview is more focused on what employer…

State of the demoscene: 1991 – 2011

18th of January, 2012

Update (23.01.2012): I’ve added stats on demo parties and my thoughts on the correlation between parties and releases.I’m quite actively involved in outreach efforts related to the demoscene. I speak at conferences and to companies and media outle…

FMX 2011

8th of May, 2011

Yesterday I got home after three exciting days at FMX 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. I have attended this conference since 2006, speaking about real-time graphics and the demoscene. FMX (or indeed “the 16th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and…

Behind the spheres on the plane

29th of April, 2011

Before you start shouting “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf&%$ng spheres on this motherf%$#ng plane!” – I told you all I’d write this. :) As promised (what?!) I have gone through the demo with the coder, Mr Sverre Lunøe-Nielsen (…

The end of mixed feelings and a new demo

25th of April, 2011

Warning: this post begins with a bit of a long rant / history lesson, so if you just want to see the demo, skip down..Update (27.04.2011): I added a few paragraphs a bit further down to clarify some points. Last week was a pretty big demoscene wee…

The NVIDIA tech demo I worked on

1st of February, 2011

Last year I was involved with a project to make a tech demo for NVIDIA. Yesterday a video capture of it was finally released to the public, enabling me to talk about it. The demo was made to showcase the best of NVIDIAs technologies and was target…

A full weekend of demoscene goodness

24th of October, 2010

UnitZeroOne, Mr Doob and myself. Picture by Ralph Hauwert. Having lived in a bubble for the last three days to finish two demos for the TRSAC demoparty in Denmark, I’m very happy with the outcome: 1st and 2nd place in the main competition was more…

FITC Toronto 2010 video recording

2nd of July, 2010

I got a mail from Shawn at FITC last night where he told me that the video recording of my talk at FITC Toronto 2010 was published on Vimeo. My immediate thought was “Oh no, I hate watching myself speak, but I have to see it anyway..”. It is indee…