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EP cover art reveal, and some thoughts

26th of November, 2016

Update: Listen to clips from the EP NOW! I’ve been so lucky to have cover art for my new EP “Voidform” from the exceptionally talented beeple, check it out: Doesn’t that just look utterly amazing?! Every time I look at it I get chills. Thanks Mike, I owe you one — bigtime. I’m currently spending […]

Throwing my hat over the wall

18th of October, 2016

One of the difficult things about being creative is knowing when to stop; knowing when something is good enough to be shared with others. Usually, I have a fairly good sense about this, but it’s always challenging. Look: I’m not saying this is an actual problem in the same sense that serious things in our […]

Kit-list (and why it doesn’t really matter)

2nd of April, 2013

Once in a while I’m asked what gear I use. Though these days it’s usually more along the lines of “You use Massive, right?” – now I don’t blame people for asking that, given that if you ask any aspiring EDM-musician, Massive is probably the soft-synth they can all name instantly. To answer that question: […]

Catzilla the EP is out!

20th of December, 2012

My new EP/single “Catzilla” is released today! I’m really looking forward to hearing what people think of it, since it has taken quite a while to get done. It’s released in advance of the main benchmark tool Catzilla from ALLBenchmark (for which I…

Don’t use audiowarez

7th of August, 2012

Note: this was actually written in May, but for some reason it was never published, so — here goes: Yeah, it’s soapbox time. After a nice discussion on DAW preference, I wanted to highlight some points I’ve tried to make in earlier posts on my bl…

Quick pitch-trick in Reaper

16th of January, 2012

There’s one thing in ACID that I missed in Reaper, but thanks to this little trick I can have it here as well: using the +/- keys on the numpad to pitch the selected piece of audio either up or down a seminote. This is an insanely quick and effici…

From one groove-based producer to another

6th of September, 2010

Once in a while, you stumble upon a website, a video, a text or a story that you experience and just go “Yeah, exactly! Why can’t I explain it that well to people?!”. This is exactly the feeling I’m left with after watching this series of videos b…