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Voidform is out!

7th of December, 2016

So this is it, Voidform is out in stores today! I hope you’ll give it a listen, possibly even buy it if you like it. Here’s where you can get it: Download, listen or buy CD Download or listen Download or listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Voidform by Subsquare

Remix out today: Limbic Void – Castaway

24th of May, 2016

I was approached by Limbic Void to do a remix for their new EP “Lapdogs”, and after listening to the fantastic EP, I picked the song “Castaway” to remix (I could pick whichever track I wanted, which was super inspiring). If you compare it to the original you’ll hear that I kept a lot of […]

My EP is out today!

23rd of January, 2014

Hit The Grave Running by Subsquare BandCamp: iTunes: Spotify: Google Music: Amazon MP3: Rdio:

My second single is finally released!

23rd of April, 2013

My second single, entitled “Broken”, featuring Jane Dawn on vocals, is finally out. It’s a three-track single with remixes by Irvin and lug00ber which I really dig. Please give it a listen, and share it with others if you like it – you can find links to buy or listen to it here: BandCamp: […]

A month of Bandcamp pay-what-you-want

18th of January, 2013

As promised, I’ve collected some stats from the first month of traffic on the Catzilla EP on Bandcamp. It’s been very interesting to track where people are coming from, and not least: how many plays I’ve been getting and how many people decided to…

Catzilla – part 1

17th of October, 2012

For the last months I have been silently (though, not quite that silently, if you ask my wife) working on the music and sound effects for a project called Catzilla. It’s a PC benchmark suite (like 3D Mark, Aquamark etc — a piece of software that …

New remix released

19th of November, 2011

Update (16.01.2012): the vocal-version of the remix (my favourite) has been uploaded, check below to listen or buy at Beatport.I remixed a track by Miu for his EP release “We are the bass” a few months ago, and it’s now released. You can get it fr…

The NVIDIA tech demo I worked on

1st of February, 2011

Last year I was involved with a project to make a tech demo for NVIDIA. Yesterday a video capture of it was finally released to the public, enabling me to talk about it. The demo was made to showcase the best of NVIDIAs technologies and was target…