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EP cover art reveal, and some thoughts

26th of November, 2016

Update: Listen to clips from the EP NOW! I’ve been so lucky to have cover art for my new EP “Voidform” from the exceptionally talented beeple, check it out: Doesn’t that just look utterly amazing?! Every time I look at it I get chills. Thanks Mike, I owe you one — bigtime. I’m currently spending […]

Throwing my hat over the wall

18th of October, 2016

One of the difficult things about being creative is knowing when to stop; knowing when something is good enough to be shared with others. Usually, I have a fairly good sense about this, but it’s always challenging. Look: I’m not saying this is an actual problem in the same sense that serious things in our […]

Working on my second EP

31st of August, 2016

So yeah, it’s been a while, but I’ve actually struggled with inspiration for a long time. I’ve been making tracks for demoscene prods (and I’ve been really happy with them, and the demos too), but as far as trying to compile an EP that has a cohesive feel to it, it’s been difficult. I went […]

FMX 2011

8th of May, 2011

Yesterday I got home after three exciting days at FMX 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. I have attended this conference since 2006, speaking about real-time graphics and the demoscene. FMX (or indeed “the 16th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and…

Behind the spheres on the plane

29th of April, 2011

Before you start shouting “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf&%$ng spheres on this motherf%$#ng plane!” – I told you all I’d write this. :) As promised (what?!) I have gone through the demo with the coder, Mr Sverre Lunøe-Nielsen (…

The end of mixed feelings and a new demo

25th of April, 2011

Warning: this post begins with a bit of a long rant / history lesson, so if you just want to see the demo, skip down..Update (27.04.2011): I added a few paragraphs a bit further down to clarify some points. Last week was a pretty big demoscene wee…