Working on my second EP

So yeah, it’s been a while, but I’ve actually struggled with inspiration for a long time. I’ve been making tracks for demoscene prods (and I’ve been really happy with them, and the demos too), but as far as trying to compile an EP that has a cohesive feel to it, it’s been difficult.

I went back and listened to “Hit The Grave Running” a few months back and I felt really proud about what I’d been able to put out (especially knowing that three of the tracks were written from scratch in a short period of time too), but I also had this “artist remorse” because there are definitely things on there which I know I would have done better if I had sat down to make an EP now.

So that’s what I’ll do. I have quietly been working on three-four entirely new tracks that really go well together. Some of them are co-ops with some super cool people, and not all of them are done, but it’s going forward for sure. What does it sound like? It sounds like me, I guess. :) It’s a combination of slow and fast songs, high energy pretty much all over, vocals and instrumentals and some experimentation. If you’ve enjoyed things I’ve made in the past you’ll most likely enjoy this as well.

Just like last time I’ll announce a release date as a means to throw my hat over the wall and force myself to finish (yeah, that’s what I did with “Hit The Grave Running” – I just picked my birthday as the release date because fuck it, why not?), but I’m not entirely ready to pick a date yet. But it’ll be soon.

I hope you’ll stick around and help me spread the word when the EP nears completion and release. Rest assured I’ll keep you all updated with snippets and teasers on my Soundcloud and of course I’ll announce the release date loudly when I’ve decided on one.

As a final teaser: I’m super happy to be working with the insanely talented Prowler on the cover art for the EP!

Alright, thanks for your time, peace out! :)

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